Welcome to Stephanie Lives

 Find where joy is and go there.

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Welcome to Stephanie Lives

Find where joy is and go there.

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Who I am

I am a Human Biomechanics Specialist


Functional Patterns

Certified as a licensed biomechanics specialist in March 2020, I have been trained to help people with their dysfunctions. I study and specialize in the optimization of human movement.

I desire to move well myself, and to teach others how to move well according to their own design. This is a lifelong journey and my practice was born out of my own seeking of optimal health. I am here to extend that out to anyone who may be seeking to improve their health through movement, as well.


How we stand affects how we walk, how we act, and how we show up in the world.

I help you improve your standing posture in a long-lasting way and the effects are transformative in the longevity and quality of your life.

Gait Cycle

Gravity is constantly working against us as we move horizontally through space. Each part of our bodies serves a primary function in moving us forward (or backwards or sideways, if you’re having fun). 

I help you to get out of the dysfunctional conditioning you’ve learnt over time and get you walking/running optimally according to your specific body.

Throwing Mechanics

Whether you’re out throwing a spear to put food on the table, or just wanna play ball with your kids without hurting your shoulder (more likely the case), your body was designed to throw efficiently and effectively.

I can teach you how to leverage your body to prevent injury as you throw or simply reach your arms overhead to get a cup out of the cupboard.

Common questions

Who do you usually work with?

I have had and continue to see clients from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a specific body or personality type to adopt functional training into your life. Yes, I’ve worked with athletes, and I’ve also worked with clients over 60, children, people with 9-5 office jobs, pregnant and postpartum clients. 

What happens behind the scenes in one of your sessions?

What you will see me post on social media is typically dynamic movements of myself or my clients. What happens to get to that point is typically a lot of corrective work, studying a specific dysfunction on someone and working to solve it, and lots of reps to rewire the brain and retension the body. 

What movements are best to add to my current workout routine?

Functional Patterns offers a revolutionary viewpoint that will likely shift your way of thinking about working out all together. The concept goes deeper than just adding some movements to your workouts. It challenges your workouts in and of itself. Consider the movements that you currently do in your workouts. What purpose do they serve? Do you use all planes of motion? Do you isolate specific muscles or incorporate the entire body? I invite you to think differently about fitness and movement altogether. 

Ask yourself

How does your body feel physically?

Are you ready for transformation?

Are you ready to change the way you move, and in turn, change the way you think, feel, show up in the world?

Function pain-free

Say goodbye to joint pain.
Have more energy throughout the day.
Improve your immune system.
Prevent future injuries and calcification.
Have more zest for life!