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My fitness journey 

I grew up as an athlete. I was never the best athlete in the sports I was in, but I often won the “most improved” awards. My two main sports were competitive cheer and gymnastics. I loved the team aspect, I loved throwing my body around and seeing what it was capable of.

When I finished high school, I was done with sports and didn’t quite know what to do with myself. I’d go to the gym twice a day, just floundering. I enrolled in a swim class and a gymnastics class at the junior college I went to. I tried surfing, tennis, running. Eventually I just fell off of athletics altogether. That was until a couple years later when I found CrossFit. I fell in love. It was the closest thing I had experienced to my love for gymnastics and right out the gate I was good at it. Cue 8 years on-and-off of my adult life. Marriage, 3 pregnancies, moving across the world and back, I always returned to CrossFit.

After my third child, I was doing both CrossFit classes and Primal Reset classes. Primal Reset was a class that taught us how to move according to our biological design. It started out as a blend of several different practices, and evolved into being 100% Functional Patterns. I would leave CrossFit classes feeling frustrated that I had to modify so much of the workout to adjust around my newly postpartum body and lack of core. At the same time, I would leave the Primal Reset classes in a whirlwind of “what amazingness just happened to my body??” It was clear that Primal Reset classes were actually aiding in my healing process.

I had to go through a “mourning” process for CrossFit. It served as a stepping stone to where I am today. I chose to dive headfirst into Functional Patterns starting at around 2 months postpartum. My mind was blown over and over and over again. And my body showed the results. There was no denying the difference it was making on my body this time around from having a baby.

Since then, I have achieved significant decompression in my spine, my shoulders, and my rib cage. I have fixed my hyperextended knees and elbows. The structure of my feet and ankles is continuing to change. Back pain from kyphosis, lordosis, and diastasis recti is nearly diminished. I’m gaining mental clarity and sustained energy. My digestion has completely changed. And this is all just the beginning!

I can’t deny how much my life has changed. I desire to bring people into my little world and experience it themselves. And beyond that, I’m somgrateful to be able to,pass this down to my children.